You only get to be a High School Senior once. It’s your year and you should enjoy it!

Senior Portraits used to mean... We order a few 8x10’s for the grandparents, get something nice to hang on the wall at home, and get a few wallet sized prints to send out with graduation announcements. Not any more !

Social Media and the Digital Age change everything. Now it’s also time to announce yourself to the world. Who are you? What are you all about? What’s it mean to be you? You’re not like anyone else, so why should your portraits look like everyone else’s?

I rarely do more than two sessions in the same day. Most “Portrait Mills” will do dozens every day. Ever notice how every 4th or 5th picture in the yearbook is the same “old car” or “brick wall” or “blue door”, etc.? Your session with me will be about YOU and no one else. I value the relationship that every family gives me. I will give you an experience you won’t find anywhere else. It will be fun too. Occasionally, I might make you a little crazy but you will LOVE the results.

Senior Portraits are an investment in family memories. I only use the best equipment, software, techniques, etc. I also only use commercial portrait labs and the best materials. All my prints come with a Lifetime Warranty. Nothing is rushed. I’m not going to be as cheap as “some friend with a good camera” but you won’t spend your first year of college tuition on me either. No forced packages to spend more - just what you want.

I’ll make the process easy on you, too - no pressure, no hard sell. I’ll deliver to you, or you can pick up at my house if you’d like. I never close and I promise.. your session will be all YOURS - you want a weekend shoot at sunset, want me to lay in the dirt to get just the right angle, shoot from inside a hockey goal while you take a shot at me (all actual Senior sessions BTW) - no problem. Yep - I’m easy.
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