Once we’ve finished your portrait shoot, the fun is just beginning. There are so many options for what to do with the finished products. For most images, you can get prints in sizes from Wallets (2.5” x3.5”) up to 24” x 36” and just about everything in between.

There are many great portrait products out there like collages, books, albums, DVD Slideshows, posters, blankets, banners - just about anything. If you have any idea, let me know and I probably have a source for it.

What to do with your portrait should be decided on before we order it. If it goes in an album - what size? If it goes on a wall, will it be framed? I can offer full framing and mounting services as well or can make recommendations for standard framing options.

Finally for Digital Products, there are options too. Anything that you order a print of will also be available in a low-resolution digital copy at no charge. These images are well-suited for Facebook pages, emails, etc. High resolution copies are also available for a fee.

For Standard Prints (8x10 and Smaller), prices are per unit. A unit is one 8x10, two 5x7’s, four 4x5’s or a sheet of 8 wallet sized prints. At these sizes, backing/mounting/lacquer spray are optional available services.

When prints start to get bigger than 8x10, it’s best to get them mounted. They stay flatter and don’t warp over time no matter if you are putting them in a frame, matte, under glass, or something else.

Our Colorado homes are built with lots of windows. Lots of windows means lots of reflections on anything hanging on a wall. I recommend big prints get a protective coating sprayed on, usually with a luster finish - it’s not too glossy / not too dull - kind of in-between. If you display them without glass, it protects from fingerprints. It also provides some UV protection.

For all prints 11x14 and larger, I recommend a masonite mount which increases rigidity for larger sizes. Lighter weight options are also available. If frames don’t match your style, I have several options for a more decorative mounting or a canvas wrap. These are great options that go straight on the wall without a frame or can be propped up on a photo easel.
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